3D Orthodontics

We are the first Orthodontic practice in Little Elm to offer 3D technology to the patients.

There is no doubt that technology has enhanced our lives be it the way we communicate to how we take care of our health. Usually, orthodontists would take impressions of your teeth and then pour plaster into the impressions to produce a model of your teeth. But with the advent of 3d imaging technology, the entire process of orthodontic treatment is now quicker and accurate than ever before. 

3D imaging technology  for orthodontics offers shorter scan times, less radiation and more precise treatment for you. It helps us plan your orthodontic treatments and complete them in a shorter interval of time.

3D Orthodontics: Maximum Effectiveness and Efficiency

At Bracify 3D Orthodontics, we take advantage of advanced 3D technology systems. Using a series of different scans and models, we’ll have complete awareness of the particulars of your unique mouth! This allows us to design the most efficient and effective orthodontic treatment that we can, reducing your treatment time. 

i-CAT FLEX is an award winning technology that uses a cone-shaped beam to scan and quickly reconstruct a high-definition 3D image of your mouth on a computer. The information from the scan helps us to precisely analyze your mouth and plan a customized treatment plan based on your needs.

The images that this machine produces are a key tool in our diagnosis of bone alignment issues, airway problems, and the positioning of your third molars, or wisdom teeth.

When considering your orthodontic treatment, the i-CAT scans are an integral part of a holistic approach to your oral health! We’ll be able to track your progress and make minute adjustments to your treatment plan based on scans taken before and during treatment

3D orthodontics isn’t just a change to the way we do braces – it’s a transformation. If you or someone you love is ready to experience the great results Bracify Ortho 3D Orthodontics can provide, make an appointment today!