Life With BracesAre you wondering how life is with braces? Well we are experts, and we are here to help you know exactly what to expect!

To reduce pain at the beginning of getting braces, we recommend sticking to soft foods to avoid painful chewing. We also recommend using a warm heating pad and taking pain relieving medication to reduce pain and swelling.

To keep your braces clean and hygienic, try some of the following tips: flossing daily, checking your braces regularly for loose or broken wire, using mouthwash, and always keeping a braces cleaning kit with you. Interdental tooth brushes are also very helpful as they allow you to clean underneath and between your braces. Smoking should also be avoided, as it is bad for your health and will stain your teeth around the braces.

To make sure your braces treatment is going smoothly and according to schedule, it is important to show up to all follow-up appointments. Missing appointments will only delay and prolong your treatment, and who wants to wear braces longer than necessary?

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