Life With Braces

Do you get braces?  Or you will get one soon?

So, are you anxious about getting braces? Not sure how to take care of your teeth and gums with braces on?

Then read on. We have gathered important tips for you here in this article.

Use Warm Pad To Reduce Pain

 For those who are planning to get braces, here’s a disclaimer, braces hurt initially. For initial 2-3 days, your entire head will pain. But you can reduce your pain by using a warm cloth or heating pad. We also prescribe non-aspiring pain relievers in case you feel extreme discomfort. Another thing you can do to reduce pain is to gargle with saline water.

Eat Soft Foods

For the first few days, chewing would be very difficult. It would seem difficult to crush things, so eat soft foods like scrambled eggs, pasta, juices, and soups.

After a couple of days, you will feel normal. But you would still like to avoid hard and sticky foods that go within your braces or stick with it.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is not dangerous to health. But it will also stain your teeth. So, avoid smoking as much as you can. 

Floss Everyday

Flossing would seem difficult. So, use a water flosser or a flosser thread. But floss everyday before going to bed.

Use Interdental Tooth Brush

The normal toothbrush may damage the wires of your braces. We recommend using an interdental toothbrush that will help you clear between and underneath the teeth. But still use it cautiously so that you don’t damage your braces. 

Check Your Braces Regularly

Check your braces if it is loose or any wire breaks. You should set up an immediate appointment with our office for repair if you notice something like this. You can cut a wire using a sterilized fingernail clipper. 

Use A Mouthwash

We highly recommend you to use a mouthwash to rinse your mouth. An antiseptic mouthwash will help you avoid small injuries and further complications. It will help you heal your mouth and also reduce your inflammation. Simply, rinse your mouth and spit the mouthwash solution.  

Always Keep A Cleaning Kit

If you’re traveling or staying away from home for long, you should carry a cleaning kit with you. Make a kit with a paste, toothbrush, mouth washer, wax, lip balm etc. 

Don't Miss Follow Up Appointments

When you wear braces, you should not miss up your appointments. Skipping your appointments will only make your treatment time longer.

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