Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment with Acceledent

Orthodontic treatment is not something new to apply to make the teeth arrangement look better. There are many people who even use this treatment to change their facial appearance in general. The results are probably quite similar but it is definitely not the same with plastic surgery. Of course, your face will always be like that since there is nothing to remove or add. However, due to the encompassment of some features like jaws and teeth, it makes the face look different particularly on the areas of cheeks and lips.

Orthodontic treatment is more recommended for children above 8 years old. It is because the process tends to be easier, faster, and with fewer risks. But certainly, it doesn’t mean that adults cannot take advantage of this treatment. Make sure to go to the right orthodontics. Meanwhile, you can also use any supporting tool for the more comfortable process and better results. One of them is a tool namely Acceledent.

What is Acceledent?

How is the period of time while using regular brace? Well, the fastest is probably around 2 years. It is for the cases in which the teeth conditions are not too bad. But for others, mainly adults, 3 years is the minimum time period for any orthodontic treatment. Indeed, wearing brace is sometimes considered cool but for those people who wear it, it is often torturing. You cannot eat what you want easily, your gum and inner mouth are also often damaged. In other words, it is clear, it is much better not to wear brace. Or if you don’t have any choice, it is expected to wear brace and undergo the orthodontic treatment faster.

This is what Acceledent is aimed at. Acceledent is a tool with main function to accelerate the process of orthodontic treatment. This tool is connected to an app available for Smartphone. It means that the progress can be simply seen after several taps. You can even see the movement of your teeth there. Sure, when your orthodontic treatment also involves the jaw, its development can also be monitored. More than that, Acceledent is simple and easy to use as well as not painful. Although it is also connected to the devices like Smartphone and other gadgets, the application of Acceledent is safe without giving any side effects.

How to use Acceledent?

Once you buy this product, you can find some separated items. Those items should be installed first before being used. Meanwhile, you also need to download and install the Acceledent app via App Store or Play Store. There are some indicator lights to ease you in monitoring your teeth’s conditions. Next, connect the device and the app. Then, this tool is ready to use.

There is a mouthpiece that is quite flexible. The mouthpiece is functioned as the portable brace to be put on and then remove from your teeth. Bite down the mouthpiece subtly to make sure that it will not be released during the treatment. It is better to spare your time since this treatment may need around 20 minutes. Sure, if there are activities you can do while using Acceledent, it is not bad to do both. Interestingly, this tool is also hands-free. Just put it on the table and enjoy the treatment.

Acceledent is not for daily usage. However, to know how many times you can use this tool, it is better to consult to the orthodontist at first. Yes, for some users, they need to place this portable brace on their teeth only once a week while for the others, it can be more than that. After using it, you must wash it cleanly with water; it is only for the mouthpiece part. Then, make sure that the tool is kept in the clean and dry place to avoid it from damage and dirt.

What are the Benefits of using Acceledent?

Acceledent is beneficial for many reasons. First, the process of orthodontic treatment will be much faster and more effective. You can also use it when you already have the regular treatment. Second, you probably don’t need to visit the orthodontist as often as usual. Third, since it is faster, this additional treatment prevents you from orthodontics’ side effects like gum inflammation and white spots. Fourth, Acceledent gives you more interesting orthodontic experience since it is really comfortable and not painful.

As a note, Acceledent is for accelerating the orthodontic treatment. It means that this tool doesn’t take over whole treatments given by your orthodontic for the exception if the case is not too bad. So, are you interested to use Acceledent?

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