Why Braces

The reason for getting braces could be anything from crooked teeth to bite issues to jaw disharmony. For most people, a beautiful smile is the most obvious benefit of orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment provides you a stronger sense of self confidence by improving your smile.

How Orthodontic treatment works

Orthodontic Treatment is quick, simple, and less painful than it used to be. Braces place a continuous, gentle force against your teeth in a controlled direction. They slowly move teeth to the corrected and desired position.

You can choose the color of the bands that hold the wire; you can chose brackets or aligners that are clear and virtually unseen. With today’s technology, wires are made with high-tech materials that allow for teeth to move faster and with less discomfort.

Duration of treatment

Treatment time varies depending on the patients mouth and face growth; as well as the severity of the problem. Generally speaking, treatment times range from one to three years. Treatment time also is affected by the patients compliance and use of prescribed rubber bands and and/or headgear. By following the doctors instructions, orthodontic treatment can be finished without delay.

Typical Questions in Your Mind Before Treatment

Most patients in our office ask this question during initial consultation. Anytime it involves correcting a malocclusion, it always comes  with some discomfort. However, with the latest advancements and technologies tooth movement is not as painful as it used to be. Another way to minimize discomfort is using a device called acceledent which not only reduces pain but also reduces overall treatment time by approximately 6 months. Please ask our office about acceledent during your initial consultation.

It is never too old to get  braces. So, anytime you need or want it, see the orthodontist and forget about the assumption that only teenagers can have it. Usually, the adults choose the clear braces or aligners instead of colored ones to avoid attention. It can work great and attracts less attention.

Yes, you will be restricted in terms of eating after using  braces. The braces will force you in terms of what and how you eat. Some kinds of foods that braces don’t really get along with include nuts, popcorn, gum, hard taco shells, ice, hard and sticky sweets, pretzels, crisps and corn chips, hard or sticky chocolate, crackers or hard cookies. And, make sure to cut these following foods before eating: croutons, fruits, raw vegetables, Italian or French bread, meat, thin crust pizza, hard rolls, corn on the cob, sub sandwiches and burgers.

It is basically about perspective. It maybe only in your mind thinking the braces look weird while other people are already used to seeing it.

With varying benefits of braces, your decision to have the braces for either health or cosmetic reason will never be wrong. At Bracify Orthodontics it’s all about you! You are more than just a patient, you’re family. Your experience should be fun and rewarding. In addition to creating your personalized, individual treatment plan, we strive to get to know YOU.