Habit Breaking Appliances for Your Baby

Children have bad oral habits and this is a natural thing. The habit consists of breathing with the mouth, jerking the tongue, biting the lips, biting the nails, sucking the thumb, and so forth. You can control this habit by using Habit Breaking Appliances. This equipment has two types consisting of fixed and removable type. The role of this equipment has a close relationship with the effects of these bad habits. If this habit can cause tooth position changes, jaw shape, and periodontal disease, then you should use this equipment.

Baby Bad Habits

Finger sucking habits look fun for babies and this is a natural thing. Usually sucking your thumb will not harm your baby but you can see the bad effects of this habit when your baby is growing up. This habit will make your child get severe oral problems. Maybe your child will also get social problems because other children will tease your child who cannot stop to suck his thumb. Another effect is to make the teeth grow into a mess. Actually, this toxicity will stop between the ages of 2 and 4 years but if this habit does not stop after the growth of teeth, then this will change the growth pattern of the teeth and jaw. You may find it difficult to understand that this simple habit can move bones and teeth.

The Causes

There are scientific reasons that can explain the effect. The child’s jaw contains a lot of blood and the jaw can grow rapidly. The jaw is also still soft when the child is aged in that 8 years. Constant pressure can not damage the soft bones in the lower and upper teeth. Children can suck very strong thumbs and this can alter the growth patterns of the jaw and teeth. If this habit still continues at the age of 5 years, then the front teeth will move forward and the back teeth will move in and back. The upper jaw will be pushed forward and hold the onion jaw. This makes the front teeth unable to close at the same time. Upper falling jaws will cause serious problems.


This is the number one thing you can do to get oral health in your child. Sucking the thumb, in the long run, will cause orthodontic problems and your child should have long treatment. Your child can also get another disease because the thumb contains germs. You can talk to your child and say that this is the right time to stop the bad habit. Maybe your child will have trouble stopping this habit quickly. You can remind your child gently to help your child. You can use Habit Breaking Appliances to wean your child. The dentist can install the equipment and observe the improvement of the patient’s habit patterns every six months. You need a dentist to get proper supervision.

Thumb Sucking

This is a very easy diagnosis because the teeth changes look very striking. The dentist can see that the thumb is red and clean. Your child’s fingernails become ruptured and short. Your lips will become hyperactive. Sucking your thumb will cause the teeth to become unbalanced and change the jaw pattern drastically. This equipment is necessary so that your child does not suck thumb. There are many behaviors that can harm your child and this habit is difficult to cure in a short time. Maybe you have been doing home remedies for years by putting gloves on your child. You can coat your child’s thumb with bitter substances but many people fail to stop the toxicity.

The Treatment

A permanent solution is a tool with a sweeping style. This equipment has a ridge that will make the thumb cannot get into the roof of the mouth. This is a behavior that causes severe damage to the tooth structure. This equipment also makes your child can not suck thumb with full power. The dentist will provide a cemented device that is placed on the back of the upper front teeth. It is made of semi-circular steel wire mounted in the primary second molar and the permanent first molar. Stainless steel cables are behind the front teeth.

You need not be afraid to use this equipment because this equipment will not affect your child. Your child can eat comfortably without being distracted by this equipment. Circular wires will keep the thumb from touching the gums of the front teeth. This equipment can remove the comfort of thumb sucking. Your child will feel that this habit has no pleasure anymore. This equipment can be a reminder that the thumb should not go into the mouth. If your child is using Habit Breaking Appliances, then your child should not eat hard and sticky foods to make them work properly.

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