iTero Digital Scanner - Bracify

No Goop   No Gagging

When you visit Bracify 3D Orthodontics, get ready to say goodbye to goopy impressions that are needed for Invisalign or other orthodontic appliances.  That’s because we use a new state of the art technology (iTero Scanner) that produces 3D images of your teeth and eliminates the need to take those old fashion impressions which means no more gagging and discomfort. Best of all, our patients love this new system because they get to instantly see the 3D model of their teeth surfaces and gums on the screen.

Better accuracy and fit

iTero Scanner offers more precise dental impressions for better treatment outcome. This new scanning system takes 3D images of your teeth and produces the most accurate digital impressions of your teeth and gums in minutes. The scan gives Dr. Gupta a precise model of your teeth.

Accurate impressions translate into better fit of all the appliances including invisalign, thus helping us achieve better treatment outcomes and fewer redos.

Treatment simulator

With iTero scanner you can see your new smile before you even start treatment. This helps our patients tremendously understanding their treatment plans .