Technology: We provide the option for a cutting edge service that digitally stores a 3D copy of your teeth for replacement retainers that you can order online at any time shipped directly to your door.

It is important to us to provide access to replacement retainers at an affordable cost, and help our patients not lose hundreds of dollars when retainers are lost. We now offer a lifetime retainer insurance for this type of retainer, see below for more details!

Retainers for Life Protection Plan
With time, retainers wear down and we know that retainers are the key to maintaining your newly aligned smile. Our goal in treatment is to offer the highest quality of care and create a long term solution by providing you access to all the tools necessary. By partnering with the Retainers for Life, we can offer you the option to protect your smile
for a lifetime. Upon enrollment, you are able to access affordable replacements that can be mailed directly to you no matter where you or your child go.

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  • No Need for Extra Orthodontic Visits
  • No Impressions Needed
  • Online Ordering
  • Copays Start as Low as $39
  • No Missing School or Work
  • Follows Even When You Move

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