Surgical Orthodontics, the Best Treatment for Teeth and Jaws Encompassment

Surgical orthodontics is considered the ideal treatment for certain oral conditions. It is mainly  done when the patients are interested to change the position and arrangement of teeth starting from scratch.

What is the basis of your teeth ? Sure, it is the jaws. It is reasonable then if after the orthodontic treatment, it is not only the teeth that are changed and encompassed, but also the jaws. Before we talk more about the surgical orthodontics deeper, it is better to acknowledge more about the different types of jaws along with their surgical treatments.

In general, the conditions of jaws can be of 3 types. They are; 1) normal jaws, a condition where the jaws are already good without needing any treatment; 2) Short lower jaw, a condition when the lower jaw seems short and makes facial shape looks convex; and 3) long lower jaw, a condition where the facial shape looks sunken and lower lip is sticking out.

For cases 2 and 3, the patients may not use the front teeth to chew the meals for the huge gap or cavity between the upper and lower teeth. Besides, there are some further problems when the teeth scratch the inner parts of mouth like bleeding gum, and more.

Therefore, repairing the position of the tooth through braces and surgical orthodontics is needed for improving the chewing function as well as preventing them from any oral problems. Although the cases are mainly about the lower jaws, there is a big possibility that it is influenced by the growth of upper jaw. Therefore, the surgery can be various whether it only involves the lower, upper jaw, or even both.

The Treatments

Although most patients may undergo a surgery, it is actually not necessary. There are basically two types of orthodontics method:  non-surgical  and surgical. Non-surgical Orthodontics only involves the installment of brace. Meanwhile, the brace or orthodontic appliances are also provided in both types; they are removable and fixed appliances.

Non-surgery treatment is of course for them whose condition is not that worse. It is only about encompassing the teeth position. The jaws can also be fixed through this way but only for simple cases. Sure, for patients who undergo these treatments, the healing process tends to be simpler and faster.

The Timeline of Surgical Orthodontics

Here is the timeline of surgical orthodontics. First, it is the pre-surgery that takes around 2 years to complete it. Pre-surgery includes the consultation, checkup, and diagnosis. The orthodontist asks the patients to do the physical checkup including X-ray to acknowledge the teeth condition. The results draw a conclusion whether the teeth really need braces or not.

Second, it is the main jaw surgery. This main treatment includes the installment of elastic tool to bind the upper and lower jaws. There is also bracket installed functioned as the anchor of brace. Around 2 weeks when the jaws are bound, the patients are required to do certain diets. For what kind of diets to be passed through, it depends on the condition of patients’ body which is different from one to another. Besides, the bone is maintained with titanium plate that will be permanently there in the future.

Third or the last is posts-surgery, starting a month after the main surgery and it needs around other 6 months to finish it.

There is basically no a certain side effect of this treatment. But there is something that everyone is  sure is regarding the loss appetite and weight. It is for the fact that this condition is indeed not comfortable for patients. Meanwhile, the pain is mainly felt starting from the installation period to 4 or 6 hours after the procedure. In many cases, the pain can even be suffered up to 5 days after the installation. That’s why Orthodontist may give you certain medications to relieve it.

More than that, motivation from family and relatives around is really needed. It even needs big commitment starting from the first time you intend to undergo this treatment method.

Where to undergo the surgical orthodontics?

Surgical orthodontics is not something simple for sure. The starting point is even started like years before the main treatment. Based on that fact, it is not something exaggerated to choose the best dental and orthodontic care.

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