Vivera Retainers, Highly Convenient and Effective in Treating Relapse

Vivera Retainers may not be a strange solution for those who have completed their Invisalign treatment series. One of the biggest misunderstandings the fact that we often think a single retainer will work indefinitely. However, quite the contrary, your hard work in achieving such healthy looking teeth may be erased in a short period of time.

Numerous studies have shown that regular retainer such as Vivera holds such an important role in the retention program. The studies also stated that without an adequate retention program, your teeth may eventually revert. Not only reverting to how it was during its pre-treatment state, the dentition found in the condition of your teeth may change rapidly over time.

With the aforementioned studies, it is clear that we must take safety measures. More so when we wish to maintain an incrediby effective retention both short term and long term. When it comes to proper retention, nothig is undeniably better than Vivera. If you are someone who wishes to focus on the maintenance as a part of your healthy teeth strategy, read on to find out.

What is Vivera® Retainers?

Initially introduced by Align Technology back then in 2007, Vivera has quickly gained traction. Starting with four distinctive thermoplastic retainer options, Vivera® retainers are not only suitable for Invisalign patients. Yes, even when you have never been on Invisalign, the retainers are guaranteed to bring mesmerizing results. But what exactly is Vivera® retainers?

Vivera® retainers are entirely custom made. Using the most impeccable modern technology similar to its Invisalign counterpart, there is no doubt in its quality and capabilities. With the impression obtained from your 3D Visual teeth scan, your orthodontist will design a one-of-a-kind retainer with a precise comfortable fit.

Speaking of the proprietary material used, with a sturdy high quality material Vivera® retainers are known to be 30-percent stronger. This does not only mean you are capable of keeping your teeth right in the desired position. But also reduces the common risk found in retainers such as breaking and cracking. With such incredible material, Vivera Retainers are much more durable.

Understanding The Need

Vivera® retainers along with its subscription-based program have proven to be a valuable addition to Clinicians’ practice. More specifically on the issue surrounding relapses. There are quite a few reasons why a relapse may occur. It does not matter if you have already gotten your teeth straightened using traditional metal braces. This issue may arise at a later date.

One of the most common issues that cause relapse is the failure of the device in question. Many traditional braces work wonderfully, however a relapse may occur for many different reasons. A few of the common ones include the patient that does not wear it according to the prescribed requirements, or loses it. Other than that, the device may also not work how it should, leading to failures.

In any of the aforementioned situation, your orthodontist will keep the patient in what is referred to as ‘working retention’ period. This period is when the new system being introduced. Patients are given four sets of different retainers, each has its own purpose. After their 3D scanning, they will wear the first retainer for a required period of time and the other three sets will follow their progress.

Understanding The Benefits

This four retainer system undoubtedly comes with a myriad of benefits. One of them is related to Vivera Retainers wear time. As it has been stated above, the retention period may vary from one patient to another. And one of the primary benefits of Vivera® retainers lies it its wear time approach. Its sturdy built allows patients to wear it for at least a year, to many more years as it needed.

Patients are able to live their lives as if they are not wearing retainers. Convenient, and the best of all, highly hygienic. All thanks to its regular replacements. Not only that, Vivera® retainers re also incredibly strong to the point they are able to self-corrent certain issues. A relapse may be corrected into its original retained position of up to .25mm. The examination procedure is also one of the pleasant one as it is quick and efficient. From taking the impressions and preparing its stone model, to trimming and polishing.

The total office chair time which patients are subjected to is averaging at 20-minutes, resulting in not just one – but four retainers. This is a stark contrast compared to the traditional method where the average time is averaging at 45-minutes. Producing only one retainer, no less. Such efficient procedure becomes one of the reasons why we highly recommend Vivera Retainers for your dental issue.

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