Palatal Expander

In orthodontics, palatal expander is very commonly used. As its name suggest, it is used to “expand” the upper jaw.

It puts pressure on the upper molars each time adjustment is made to it. Palate expanders is used to anchor two to four teeth and with the help of a screw, an increase of about an inch is made.  But since palate expander is an orthopaedic appliance, its effect is more at young kids. So, early the use of palatal expander, the better.

Although expansion is completed within a time frame of 2-3 weeks, it should be used for about 6 months to avoid re-alignment of teeth.

It is important to keep your expander clean.

Lingual Arch

Lingual arch or Transplatal Bar are used in the upper and lower jaws of children to maintain space. It helps to maintain the width of the dental arch.  This appliance is recommended when baby teeth are lost prematurely, so that space may be maintained.

The Lingual Arch is a metal bar that is attached to the tongue-side of the lower first molar bands, and form fitted behind the teeth. 


Biteplane is an appliance made of wire and acrylic used to reduced to a deep overbite.

We mainly suggest this in cases,  whereby the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth excessively. It works by preventing the patient from biting down all the way on his/her back teeth; this allows the back teeth to naturally erupt, thus reducing the overlap of the front teeth.

Bite plane can be both temporary or permanent. It is most effective when it is worn most of the time.
If a patient wears it consistently, the results will be better. However during eating or brushing, you should keep it off. And, keep it clean by brushing it atleast once each day.


This appliance is used to correct the difference in growth between the upper and lower jaws. This appliance is used for situations like the upper teeth and jaw are too far forward of the lower teeth and jaw.

The Headgear uses the back of the neck as an “anchor” to correct this relationship. The inner part of the headgear slides into tubes on the side of the first molar teeth.

It is advisable to wear the headgear at least 12 hours per day. The more consistently you wear it, you would need less time you will need to wear it. For patients who wear the headgear patiently, its use can be finished within a year.

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